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One day I woke up and couldn’t catch my breath. My life and world felt out of control and I didn’t know how to make it stop. All I wanted was a break; but if felt like if I stopped everything would crash down around me.


Do you feel this way? Are you asking yourself, “how did I get here?” My friend you are not alone. I was exactly where you are now and decided I wanted more. Hell, I decided I deserved more. 


So what do you deserve? A life you feel stuck in? Or a life that is more than you ever imagined? 


As a holistic healing coach, I help people work through the sh!t that’s keeping them from being dope. I truly believe that we are all made up of magic but sometimes the stories others have told us (and even what we’ve told ourselves) keep us from showing up for ourselves. 


If you are tired of being tired. Over feeling overwhelmed then let's get to work. Let me help you remember who you are and help you create the steps to living your best life. 


I can’t wait to make magic with you! 



Hey y'all! My name is Teresa and I'm so excited that you are here! 

I'm born and raised in Connecticut, have a loving partner and am raising two rebel wild young women.


10 years ago I went through some tough sh!t. And realized that I was tougher. And, it took me a long time to be able to step into my greatness. 

Through this time, I became a Reiki Master and a life coach. I started following my heart and intuition and decided that I was destined for more. 

And in order to do that, I had to remember who I was and that the Universe wants the best for me. I had to tune out all the noise from everyone else. And the bullsh!it I kept telling myself. 

And once I got quiet enough to hear myself healing began. And I work every day to show up for myself. 

Through my own healing, I've created tips and strategies which I offer to my clients as a way for them to get back to who they are as well. 

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Purchase your copy now of Blessed Not Broken Vol. 5 When Strong is All You Know. 

Myself and 9 other women tell the story of how we survived the hardest things in our life and how we are still standing strong today. 

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What is
Holistic Healing?

When I was defining what I do for other people I realized that it's very different than what other energy healers do. 

When I connect with my clients and work with their energy, I not only can offer strategies on how to heal, I also receive downloaded messages that my clients need to hear. Messages that help them grow, release, and recharge. 

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How I Can Help You

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Holistic Healing 

Holistic Healing allows individuals to work with me to receive not only support with getting back to who they are but to also receive Reiki as part of the journey toward ultimate healing. Through this option individuals will receive support as well as downloaded messages for guidance. 

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1:1 Coaching 

Year long and 6-month coaching packages available. Through 1:1 coaching you'll receive bi-weekly support to get laser clear on remembering who you are. As well as, support on creating rituals/routines to implement in your life so you never feel lost again. 

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Reiki is a beautiful way to give yourself peace and relaxation. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that translates to "spiritually guided life force energy". By using my gifts I connect with your energy and help your body begin to heal. Messages are downloaded and provided to you as a way to continue on your healing journey.  

Curious about what I do and how we can work together? 

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