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Why I had to walk away from Rachel Hollis

That’s right y’all, me...your big Hollis fan had to drop home girl.

And it was actually hard. I didn’t realize how much her lessons had influenced what I incorporated into my rituals and routines. And now I’m reinventing what all that means to me.

So if you don’t know (which I would be surprised by now if you haven’t heard) ol’ Rachel Hollis tried to be cute on TikTok and basically told all her fans and followers that she doesn’t want to be relatable.

Now, that’s fine. Like for real, for real. You as a huge influencer, writer, speaker, etc. you don’t want to be relatable, cool.

BUT, her whole brand is about being relatable. And I guess she forgot that.

She connected with millions of women by showing her stretch marks. By letting us know how we could speak our dreams and goals into existence and show up every day for ourselves. THE SAME WAY SHE DID.

And then to be told that she wants nothing in her life to be relatable, actually stung. Like wtf, Rachel? Haven't you been cheering me on this whole time to do more? I felt manipulated.

So due to all this, I dropped her...and her ex-husband.

I took a hard. stop. drop. on all Hollis life. And it messed up my rituals!

I stopped writing my goals down in the way I learned from her. I didn’t want to move my body for 30 mins every day because she kept telling me I should.

While it’s been jarring, it’s actually been freeing. I’ve been able to understand to why I was doing those things and decide if they even mattered to me. And I have found, that some of them still do.

Currently, I’m working on redefining my healing rituals and how I let the universe know what I want. It’s the same amount of work that it was before and it's still hard work.

And I know, with or without Rachel Hollis, I deserve everything I want. And I hope you know you do too!

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